The Demon’s Surrender – Sin

Sin stood tense. She could feel Alan standing warm beside her, the baby happy in his arms. She wanted to look at him but she had other responsibilities: the kids came first, always. She couldn’t let them down.
Sin remembered being six years old and lost in a clothes shop. She’d just gone charging off into the swathes of hanging garments, and emerged blinking into a corridor she didn’t recognize, a corridor that might as well have been another world. It had been the first realization that such a thing was possible, being completely alone and afraid. She’d burst into tears and a woman had rescued her, white with scarlet hair caught in a black scarf. The woman had been kind. She’d held Sin’s hand and promised to find her mother. Sin had been clinging to her when Mama had rushed up, golden and glowing and apologetic.
“That’s my daughter,” Mama had said. The woman’s hand had tightened on Sin’s, startled, instead of letting go.
The world had seemed strange again for a moment as the woman said: “Are you-” and then stopped and blushed.
Mama had leaned down and picked Sin up, holding Sin so their faces were close together, smiling though her arms were very tight.
“Yes, I’m sure,” she’d said. “She’s mine.”
Lydie had to have that same certainty. She had to know Sin was sure, no matter what. No matter what anyone else thought, no matter what threatened, absolutely and surely hers.

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