The Demon’s Surrender – Sin and Lydie

That pearl, the one that was a barrier to the power of demons, meant Mae’s freedom. And Sin would take it if she could.
“How’re you doing, kid?” she asked, lifting herself into a sitting position and watching as Lydie tried on a blouse.
“M okay.”
“Good,” Sin said. “I know you gave yourself a headache today, but don’t worry, all right? I’ve got some money. I’m going to find us a new place. It’ll be just you and me and Toby. It’ll be fun.”
“Well, *actually*,” Lydie said, tucking back the wisps of her blond hair and folding her trailing sleeves, trying to look official, “I was thinking it might be okay to stay here. You could marry Alan.”
“Sixteen’s a bit young for marriage,” Sin said. “I want you to remember that for the future. Did Alan say something to-”
“And then,” Lydie proceeded blithely, coming to lean against the bed, “when I’m older, *I* could marry *Nick*.”
“Oh sweetheart,” Sin said, and drew Lydie between her legs, hugging her with her knees. “You know those talks we have, about how you are completely fabulous?”
“Yes,” Lydie said, still fussing with her sleeves.
“And how some boys are pretty but kind of too much trouble to waste all your fabulousness on? I mean, maybe the fabulousness of one night, but they’re not really worth a year’s fabulousness. That’s a big fabulous investment. Nick is one of those boys. In fact, he is their demon king.”
“But he has killed literally *thousands of people*,” Lydie said earnestly. “That’s better than being pretty. Although I do think he is.”
“Lydie, you know what you’re not to do, don’t you?”
“Don’t waste your fabulousness,” Lydie droned in a bored sing-song.
“Or I will beat you like a gong,” Sin told her.

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