Sarah on Jamie and Seb’s (initial) enmity

Basically I think Jamie always held a bit aloof from people because he had a BIG SECRET, and Mark was his best friend, and they were making out a bit, and Mark was feeling PRETTY CONFLICTED about that. And then Seb arrived, and Seb felt sort of ASSAILED because, here is Jamie, who is basically Seb’s worst nightmare. Think about it: you’re a gay kid and you don’t want to acknowledge that, and then there’s a dude and you not only have a crush but he’s super open about being gay, which terrifies you, and also, you’re a magician and you are scared to your marrow about that extra level of freakishness, and magicians *recognise* each other. Seb and Jamie hadn’t ever met another magician before, and they were fourteen, so there was a mutual freakout, I think. And also, Mark, who was already all over the place, and suddenly a) Jamie is staring at the cool new kid with his eyes falling out, annoying! and b) cool new kid has attacked with extreme prejudice. And you know how kids start to band together, and Mark thinks, well, if Jamie would just BACK DOWN, if he’d be a little less obvious, everything would be OKAY, but he won’t so it’s his FAULT. And then Seb does something horrible, and Jamie goes off and gets his ear pierced, and EVERYTHING SPIRALS, and Mark is like ‘the thing is. the thing is. the crawfords. they are insane.’ And Jamie is actually not scared of physical stuff, even though he is such a short dude. He has been physically hurt. But I think there’s always the underlying awareness he can get out of it. Anyway, so that is the ballad of Seb and Jamie’s eternal enmity.

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