We’re looking for you :)

We’re looking for you :)

5 January 2015

Hi SRB fans!

As some of you might know, this project has been around for a bit more than a year and has, so far, been mainly run by me alone. As very few of you know, though, I have had huge health problems for about two years which have left me with hardly any time or energy to get things done here for months. As I love this project, though, and would love to keep it alive, I need help – and this is where you come in.

Helping me out here doesn’t require much, except for a love for Sarah’s works, a tiny bit of technical knowledge (mainly how to use Twitter, facebook and/or word – all or either will do; you don’t need to know anything about website programming as this page uses a text editor system for creating posts) and the will to participate. If you’re great at graphics too, you are more than welcome to also help improve the page in terms of looks, but again, this is not necessary.

This page is meant to be a (more or less) complete collection of all info regarding Sarah, her works and her appearances, as well as a platform for the fan community to post their own Sarah-related works (like fanfiction, fanart, etc.). When I started this page, I had great things in mind and I still do, but as I’m struggling to keep up with my paid work (unfortunately a necessity…) and I have been for months due to the previously mentioned health problems, I simply cannot make it into just this at this time. I could pause the project (which I have for a while) but I would much rather I would find someone just as enthusiastic about Sarah’s stories as I am who would be willing to run it with me until I’m back on my feet (and longer :) ). Also, this is not supposed to be “my” project in which you simply participate – if you agree to help, you are of course welcome to bring in your own ideas, in fact I would love you to.

If you’re interested, please contact me at contact@sarahreesbrennan-fans.com – I’m looking very forward to hearing from you!


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