Sarah Trivia & Quotes

As is Sarah’s way, the following quotes and facts are often to be understood with a wink and a smile. ;)

“I do think of magicians as often related to famous people in the past, since… that’s how they got famous”

“I do like making the tough characters vulnerable, due to being a contrary soul.”

Sarah’s favourite Shakespeare play is Much Ado About Nothing or King Lear, depending on her mood.

When joining chatrooms Sarah says she usually picks green automatically “due to Irish pride”.

Sarah wrote an unpublished book with Jaida Jones “about cricket, ritual sacrifice and stepfamilies”.

Sarah says she has twenty (unpublished) books finished and about a thousand she started.

According to Sarah every trilogy follows the rule “Book 1: Set up. Book 2: Make Out. Book
Three: Defeat Evil.”

In 2009 Sarah was working on an unpublished book with Cassandra Clare about “an odd couple fighting crime”, set in Los Angeles.

Sarah was already working on what was later to become “Unspoken” in 2009, back then it was set in “England and Chicago”.

Sarah’s short story “Let’s Get This Undead Show on the Road” she wrote for the Anthology Enthralled is a follow up to “Undead is Very Hot Right Now”, written for another Anthology, The Eternal Kiss.

“My cute poker-playing brother is a burden to me: at the Irish event with me and Cassie, he stepped in to give me a hug. And then a girl told me how cute my boyfriend was, and I was like ‘These are Cassie’s fans… if I say he’s my brother, they may like that…’”

Sarah has two brothers named Rory and Saul she describes as “the cute poker-playing” (he’s a professional poker player) and “the hyper, Zac Efron loving”, as well as a sister called Genevieve who works for a Dublin radio station. All three are younger than her.

During a tour with Holly Black Sarah was given a necklace that says “Nothing lasts forever except demons”.

Sarah learned to dance in ballet class, just like Annabel from Demon’s Lexicon. After a dance recital in which she says she knocked down everyone onstage, her mother told her to become a writer. Lucky us she didn’t excel at it! ;)

“I prefer [to write in] third person limited, because it’s more like a mystery. Because with first person you know that it’s just their viewpoint but with third, it seems like the world, and then you slowly start to realise you’re seeing through someone’s eyes, just a little removed.”

When writing, Sarah writes chapter plans with four or so bullet points of Stuff To Happen per chapter but says that the book does generally escape from the chapter plan. With endings, she says she generally knows dialogue, and who will die, and who will get with who. She states to often be hazy on how the plot will tie up, though.

Sarah dislikes James Joyce because his books don’t meet her favour for books which are “fun on a first read and then have more to them also on a second”.

(About fight scenes): “I actually used to not enjoy writing them, but the DL trilogy has made me really come around.”

(On Sarah’s typically *long* scenes): “My editor was like ‘what is this scene about’ and I was like ‘IT’S ABOUT HILARIOUS’ and she was like ‘you always say that…’”

“You know how people start to look like their pets… demons are worse than Rottweilers that way…”

Sarah has a thing for mahogany.

Lexicon‘s UK cover was drawn by Nick Stearn.

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